Laurie Dodson

Head Coach Carlson Gracie Ashford

Laurie Dodson - Black Belt


Carlson Gracie Ashford head instructor Laurie Dodson is the founder of Carlson Gracie Ashford and it’s first black belt.

He received it from Wilson Junior, the man who he has studied from over the last decade.

Dodson began training in mixed martial arts two decades ago, before turning his attention to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Starting his journey at Carlson Gracie Tonbridge, before opening Carlson Gracie Ashford in 2009.

CGA began at St Mary’s Church Hall in the town centre, moving after four years to a new base at Olympians Gym before moving again to bigger premises at Henwood Business Centre, with a full-time academy opening last year.

Laurie’s students have gone on to win multiple titles at all belt levels.

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