Elisabeth Clay

Brown Belt World No Gi Champion

Who is it?


Elisabeth is a Brown Belt competitor for Alaska in the USA. She has just won World No Gi weight and absolute having received her brown belt a few weeks before. She has previously been on the podium at Pans and Worlds in both Gi and No Gi.

As a 16-year-old blue belt, Elisabeth won the -60kg division of the ADCC West Coast Trials, which makes her the joint-youngest competitor to ever compete at ADCC Worlds.

“I live and love to train hard and compete.  Jiu Jitsu is my life.  Pushing myself and my training is what makes me happy.  Win or lose, I will be challenging myself and I’ll be back again to compete.  If you want something, choose you’re training family carefully and chase you’re dreams to the fullest. Don’t let anyone stop you or tell you that you can’t, not even yourself… become your lion or lioness!”

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