CGA Podcast

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Podcast by Sam Hall and Nick Daynes, two guys who love training, talking and watching BJJ. Here to bring our perspective to the sport we love so much.

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Isolation Podcast 28 – Tank

Jack Shore`is an undefeated UFC Bantamweight contender from Abertillery, Wales. Hailing from Tillery Combat MMA Academy, Jack is…

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Isolation Podcast 27 – leading By Example

Shane Jamil Hill - Taylor is the 2018 IBJJF black belt world champion. He started training martial arts…

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Isolation Podcast 26 – Mapping Ambition

William Tackett is one of the best up and coming grapplers and the current Fight 2 Win brown…

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Isolation Podcast 25 – Standing Up

Tanner Rice is our guest for this podcast. At 19, Tanner was promoted to black belt under Rubens…

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Isolation Podcast 24 – Open System

Jamie Scott was born and raised in East London. He is a lifelong martial artist, having dabbled in…

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